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Focusing on the Parish

Olivia StearComment
Focusing on the Parish

You may have probably seen the latest polls stating dismal mass attendance in the Catholic Church. It’s way down.  Of your six children, only two will still go to church after they graduate college. But as people of faith we know that at every unexpected turn, there is also great hope.

This coming January 2019 FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students is hosting a conference that expects over 10-15,000 college students, young adults and more.  Over 40,000 people under the age of 40 have been touched by FOCUS as a student or as a missionary to date. Year after year, these numbers are increasing exponentially.

How is this growth happening and how can we leverage this for our parishes?

In 2012, these questions kept me tossing and turning night after night.  I have been on a quest ever since to see what would happen if I started using some of this “secret sauce” to transform my life and create a community that could transform my parish too!

There are pockets of young adults, married and single all over the country who are working on this same concept.  Recently, I joined 6 families in Texas who are passionately working together to transform their parish. We discussed the ‘Method Modeled by the Master’ and developed a practical game plan they could live out in their busy family lives.  

Here’s a practice you can do too in just 5 minutes a day to join us!

You will need a pen and paper.

Let’s pray, in gratitude for each person God has put in your life!

  • Lord, who do you want me to reach for the Gospel?  (write down names)

  • Lord, what do you want for this person?

  • Lord, what can I do to help make this happen? (keep ideas simple)

  • Lord, when would I would be able to do each thing?

With praise and thanksgiving we ask all this in your name Lord Jesus!

That’s it!  Now you have a plan.  A specific mission plan you feel great about and excited to execute because it didn’t come from you or anyone else.   It came from God.

So look at that!  How many people did God reveal to you?  Was it just one? If so, that’s awesome!  Was it someone very close to you or a stranger?  Do you have the courage to focus on this one plan for a season without feeling like you “aren’t doing enough?”  Consider taking this to prayer and going deep with a few for the holiday season!

Please check out Curtis Martin’s new book for more on, Making Missionary Disciples, and join us and thousands of young people including thousands of parishioners at SEEK2019!